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Razer Vespula mouse mat review

Hardware: Vespula double sided gaming mouse mat
Manufacturer: Razer
Release date: Out now
Type: Mouse Mat



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Whether you prefer to gun down your enemies with the increased glide of the SPEED surface or with ultimate precision from the CONTROL surface, the Razer Vespula offers the right surface that suits your playing style.
The Razer Vespula’s dual surfaces have been developed for enhanced tracking by the same scientists at Razer that have invented the most precise gaming mice in the world today. Professional gamers have also put the Razer Vespula through thousands of hours of intense gameplay to validate the tracking surfaces for tournament play.


Build quality: 7 / 10

Having had a soft wrist support mouse mat for years and never having to replace it, I can truly say that I see the Vespula lasting just as long if not longer. The wide wrist support it soft enough to provide support but strong enough to survive an intense gaming session and movement across the span of the fabric.
The anti slip base really does hold firm and even pushing the base has little effect.
My only gripe is the actual speed and control flip sided slate. The differing textures are just glued onto a thin plastic board and whilst the anti slip base layer grips well the actual mouse surface does seems to be quite loose and risks coming loose or worse still peeling.


razer vespula gallery 3 620x264 Razer Vespula mouse mat review xbox one xbox game video xbox 360 video trailer SPEED surface Razer Vespula Razer CONTROL surface

Features: 8.5 / 10

Non-slip, anti-reflective, abrasion-resistant hard coat
SPEED surface for faster mouse movements
CONTROL surface for precise mouse movements
Comes with a gel-filled wrist rest
Approximate Size : 320 mm / 12.61” (Length) x 260 mm / 10.24” (Width) x 20 mm / 0.79” (Height)
Approximate Weight: 332 g / 0.73 lbs


Value for money: 7 / 10

For its size 320 x 260 and the dual purpose speed and control surface the Vespula does offer good value for money but with the build quality of the surface being a concern this could be a short lived investment.


Performance: 9 / 10

Now I’m going to assume you are reading this because you can’t decide if a Control and Speed side of a mouse mat will make a difference. Well it does. The rough side of the control side slows down the movement of the pointer without slowing down your mouse movement, offering pinpont precision with targets or movement. I have to say with gaming it does live up to Razers motto of by gamers for gamers. This is mainly due to the ease of flipping it back over for other games and general browsing use. I found the speed side much better for general windows use, emails and web browsing. Perhaps this is something you could just adjust with DPI on Razer Synaps 2.0 on the mouse, but for the ultimate gaming experience you need the Vespula.

razer vespula gallery 5 620x264 Razer Vespula mouse mat review xbox one xbox game video xbox 360 video trailer SPEED surface Razer Vespula Razer CONTROL surface



If you’re looking to take your control and speed to the next level then the Vespula is the way to do it. Extremely comfortable and a great size.

Overall score




Dual sided
Wrist support
Anti slip base



Poor glueing on the surface






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